Between the apple orchards and the school

Between the apple orchards and the school

Gymnasium for the elementary school of Postal

Year: 2017

Employer: municipality of Postal


The first grade school in the town of Postal does not have a gym. The physical-sporting activity is carried out in a multipurpose classroom with a height of about 3.00 m. This space is inadequate by disregarding the safety standards (position and consistency of the glazed windows, without safety glass, protruding radiant and illuminating elements, lack of an energetically sustainable air exchange system, etc.) and the standards established by the directives school building. The objective of the preliminary project is to create a paleo in compliance with the regulations in force, in the area adjacent to the school, which with a variant to the municipal urban plan will be annexed to the school one, affecting land parcels 58 and 61 and building 301 The school stands on a difficult slope interrupted by the municipal road below. The gymnasium will therefore have to be built with access from street level, with the rest of the spaces that will be under the current ground level.